Who Put The Supply In Supply Chain Management, and Why?

Spend Matters Contributor , July 18, 2014 Comments

The question is a fair one, and yet it may lead to the follow-up question of how it is that this attention suddenly becomes necessary. 

Look, it is wonderful that the sourcing and procurement employees from the supply tent are peeking through the flaps of the supply chain management tent. The relationship between the two worlds has been reminiscent of members of Congress linking arms to s...

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Supply Chain Management

Five Smart Supply Chain Trends For Sustainable Business

James Cooke, July 15, 2014 Comments

As businesses seek ways to prosper in the global economy, more should look to build supply chains that are protean, those capable of rapid adaptation to changing market conditions.

Supply chains represent the lifeblood of most companies; parts or ingredients are sourced from suppliers, they are then manufactured or assembled in to products, and finally these goods must be delivered to customer...

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Sustainable Business Plans

A Supply Chain Overhaul To Boost Coffee Farmers' Income 400%

Anne Field , July 17, 2014 Comments

This is about a social enterprise on a mission to reinvent the coffee supply chain, giving farmers a bigger and more equitable piece of the action.

Aimed at growers producing specialty-grade, premium, Fair Trade certified coffee, Vega hopes to enable farmers to roast and package their beans  and connect to customers directly via an online subscription marketplace.  As a result, they ...

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Supply Chain Overhaul

Three Technology Upgrades That Your Supply Chain Should Implement

Donna Fitz, July 14, 2014 Comments

In order to keep up with the rapid progression toward supply chain precision by business-to-consumer giants like Amazon and Zappos, mid-market companies need to shake off the dust from last decade’s recession, and re-evaluate their technology capabilities and shortcomings. Advances in supply chain tools and solution delivery now make the decision to upgrade far more affordable and far less disru...

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Supply Chain Implementation

Securing The Supply Chain

Susan Haigney , July 11, 2014 Comments

The pharmaceutical supply chain has been an increasing focus for regulators and the industry in the past couple of years. Drug shortages and counterfeiting have spurred the creation of legislation and industry guidelines to combat the situation and prevent suspect drug products from entering the market.

Regulators and Congress have stepped up in the fight against counterfeit and unsafe drugs b...

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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Brazil To Identify Supply Chain Needs

Alex Spatuzza, July 10, 2014 Comments

Brazil's federal government in the coming weeks should conclude a study of the wind power sector's supply chain in order to identify bottlenecks and investment needs.

The study will come as six foreign and one Brazilian turbine makers try to comply with national content rules. This is a condition for them to obtain below-market financing from the national development bank BNDES for acquisition...

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Supply Chain Needs

Supply Chain Definition

Comments Spend Matters Contributor , July 18, 2014

Supply Chain Trends

Comments James Cooke, July 15, 2014

Coffee Farmers' Income

Comments Anne Field , July 17, 2014

Supply Chain Technology

Comments Donna Fitz, July 14, 2014

White Papers

  • Inventory in Motion: A Direct Alternative to Global Fulfillment

    David Zamsky, Friday, October 26, 2012   // Comments

    Logistics visionaries have talked for years about eliminating—or, at least, drastically reducing— the role of inventory in modern supply chains. The most efficient, slack-free supply chains, after all, wouldn’t require any inventory buffer, because supply and demand would be in perfect sync. This vision certainly h...

  • Crossing international borders with confidence

    Livingstone International, Tuesday, October 02, 2012   // Comments

    Although most businesses are eagerly looking forward to increased growth over the next two years, many say they are concerned that confusion over complex customs regulations could hamper that success, according to a survey of small- to medium-sized businesses. The survey* turned up some surprising new findings, notably that some com...

  • Cross-Functional Involvement in Sales and Operations Planning

    APQC, Thursday, September 20, 2012   // Comments

    More than three-quarters of the participants in APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking in Supply Chain Planning involve sales and marketing in their sales and operations (S&OP) planning. More than half of the participants involve purchasing, finance, and manufacturing in this process. S&OP is the process of making decision...


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